Magnimage At InfoComm USA 2017


         InfoComm USA 2017 was held on June 14th-16th in Orlando. As the leading video equipment supplier, Magnimage exhibited at this show withLED-780H, MIG-V4 switcher and MIG-CL9000 video wall controller.  



         LED-780H is a 4K x 2K video processor for LED rental application. It exceeds the common processor for its function of 4 screen splicing, 4 windows outputs, output monitoring, preset switching, multiple cascade and customized output resolution.



         MIG-V4 series video multi-scene switcherconsist of a host V4 and console H1. One H1 console is able to control 9 units of V4 host.For LED screen project within 4K resolution, you only need one V4+H1. Its maximum running capacity is 3840 x 1080. For large project over 4K, you can cascade multiple units of V4to realize big size splicing display. Preset saving, preset loading, seamless switching...this is how V4 series fit your event!



          MIG-9000 is a bespoke video wall controller for fine pixel pitch screen application. It has 3U, 4U, 8U, 13U size. It accepts various input source and   4K x 2K resolution. With EDID management, seamless splicing, PIP, preset setting and customized output resolution, it is perfect for projects like control room, smart city project, TV system, military command room, video conference room.


          Out staff warmly introduced our products to every client with expertise. We will keep improving our products and service to meet the needs of our customers.