V8 perfectly assisted the SCO film festival 2018


13th to 17th at June, the first SCO film festival was grandly held  at the Chinese film capital—Tsingtao. During the festival, so many excellent films from 12 countries were displayed to the audience; though the activities of outstanding film’s screening, forum, selection etc, presented the film stylish of every SCO countries, offered a grand platform for film communication and cooperation.


All of the films are new films of the recent two years, represent the film development of the SCO countries. At the closing ceremony, the Gold seagull prize was issued, and the best films were <Enter the Capital> of China and <Mina walking> of Afghan.

The first SCO film festival has opening ceremony and closing ceremony, with 9 pieces of big LED screens, about 580 square meters (main screen 322 ㎡, side screen 258.5 ㎡); MAGNIMAGE offered video equipment technology, both of the ceremony videos were controlled by one set of MIG-H8 switcher and MIG-V8 console.


Input: 12 main input signals, 12 backup signals technical solution, made sure all the input signals under control at the ceremony.

Output: 6 main output, 4 sub output technical solution, fulfilled the broadcast demand for multiple LED screens and multiple input signals.



With another stable and excellent performance, V8 devices perfectly accomplished all the performance videos’ controlling and playing tasks of this film festival, received highly and positive praise from the organizers.