One more big scene, MIG-V8 supported 28 years anniversary event of the BWL


25th June, a spectacular BWL 28 years’ anniversary event was held at Hunan international convention and exhibition center, the event was magnificent and lively.

This anniversary event was held by Changsha Sanfeng Culture media company, the stage has novel style, 52 meters in width, 14 meters’ height, spliced by 11 pieces of LED screen (about 800 square meters); both sides have 50 meters holographic projection. It fully showed the booming history of BWL in the last 28 years.

The whole event video was controlled by only one set of Magnimage MIG-V8, 12 main output signals, over 10 input signals switching freely, support the stage video play of 11 LED screens and 2 holographic projections easily. With a fluent and stable performance, the outstanding MIG-V6 accomplished the whole LED screen video display control perfectly, highly praised by BWL leaders.