Magnimage assists MAX MUAY THAI international boxing tournament in Thailand


Dec. 7th, the top Thai boxing event MAX MUAY THAI was held in Udon Thani, the first station. The famous boxers around the world were having a super duel, so exciting of every fight.

MAX MUAY THAI international boxing tournament is one of the most important boxing match in Thailand, it is also the biggest annual temple fair activity hold by local government, it has attached a lot of attentions of boxing lovers.

Magnimage products held the event successfully beyond the host’s expectation  with their powerful performance. The event stage has 13 LED screens of different sizes,  about 260 square meters, spliced by 3 pieces of Magnimage LED-780H video processors, MIG-V6 switcher and MIG-V6 console processed the signals output, switching and other effects. These machines controlled the live broadcast of the whole event perfect, offering an excellent boxing visual experience to all the boxing lovers.