Panel Introduction


DP*3 splicing output, pixel-to-pixel splicing within 12K x 2K


Humanized Design, Convenient Operation

MIG-C2000 has user-friendly design of convenient operation interface,

users can quickly get familiar with every function,it can automatically list all video output ports of

the running host machine, support console control and free-form decoding.


Rich video source and capture card functions

Compatible with all current playback material formats, including video, audio, picture, PPT, OSD, NDI and network video source material.

Support the simultaneous acquisition of multiple camera signals,

PPT page turning function,to meet the diversified broadcast control needs.



Fast editing, Strong function

Using picture editing and layer mode operation, fast and accurate editing,

preview and positioning of various video sources,it supports color adjustment, image setting, special-shaped editing,

angle selection and other functional settings of the video screen.



Real time preview function

It supports the real-time preview function for video playing, which helps you preview the video picture quickly and accurately. 


Hardware decoding

Through GPU decoding, reduce CPU pressure, improve computer operation fluency, and prevent play jam.




No back-end device is needed to support HDR, and HDR playback effect is achieved directly through media server software.



Real time monitoring system status

Through the software real-time monitoring system running state to deal with the unexpected situation

in time and ensure the stable operation of the software.



Timing switch

By setting the time task and playing the specified scene content at the specified time.


Multiple control modes

It can be switched by means of communication protocol, MIDI, OSC, artnet, exk200, etc. to facilitate centralized control.


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